A short overview of the history of the company and the latest developments in its life.

August 2015
In connection with changes in the legislation of Russian Federation, the company makes the decision to get established in Russia. Out of a number of variants, we are opting for Kostroma.

An office is being opened in Ukraine, specifically in Uzhhorod, the capital of Transcarpathia. Our capacity for surveys in Ukrainian and Russian grows.
The range of languages in which surveys are conducted gets complemented with Serbian. In Prague and Nitra Serbian interviewers begin to work. Surveys can be completed in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company becomes daughter of TERTIUS Holding and thus member of the TERTIUS Group.

Удается радикально усовершенствовать телефонную систему. Нашими IT сотрудниками создается диаллер (автоматический номеронабиратель) и повышается технически уровень софтверной телефонной централи. Компания меняет свое название на CEE Insight, чтобы лучше выражать свою ориентировку на Центральную и Восточную Европу (Central and Eastern Europe).

В связи с повышением объема работы на польском языке принимается стратегическое решение открыть филиал на границе с Польшей, чтобы легче набирать поляков на посты интервьюеров.

The company starts to focus professionally on telephone data collection. The Converso system is being chosen as the key software solution for our professional activities. The company wins a very important tender for a large data collection project for Honda in several countries, including Russia. Since then, Russia is our major market and Russian language starts to dominate in our call centres. The level of technical solutions corresponds to the period and the company endeavours to apply more a reliable and especially network-based solution.

The first long-term multinational data collection project for T-Mobile is commissioned and the Slovak office is opened. First surveys in Hungarian are being conducted and organized from Slovakia.

October 2000
A company called RCA Research is founded in Prague. Its founders are Messrs. Milan Soušek and David Ulbrich, who used to work in an international market research institute. The company works in the line of market research with no specialization and only in the Czech Republic. Only a small call centre is operated, with data being collected with a little bit outdated methods.