We are often asked various kind of questions not only by respondents, but also by clients, interviewers and friends. So here's the responses to the most frequent ones.

Why are you calling me? Where have you found my phone number and email? Is this legal?

There can be various reasons for the call, depending on the type of survey. This is always explained to you by our interviewer at the very beginning of the call or this information is given at the beginning of the email sent to you. The number has been passed to us by the client (most likely, you are his customer) specifically in order to carry out this survey, or we have dialled it randomly (by means of automated generation), or we have simply found it in a phone directory, on the Internet or purchased it in a database (in case of business respondents). You are always entitled to refuse the participation in the survey. Surveys of this kind are legal as we neither sell nor offer any goods or services.

How do you observe regulations regarding personal data protection?

When it comes to ordinary surveys with the use of random sample, no personal data are collected. (As a rule, we do not ask even the respondent's name, and the telephone number or e-mail are separated from the answers). In case we received the sample from our client and should the client need data identified with the specific respondent, the interviewer always asks if the respondent agrees to be identified. Personal data comprising the name, surname, telephone number and e-mail address are safeguarded according to valid laws and never used for any objectives other than the specific survey. Any personal data are deleted from our system within three months.

You record the interviews?

Yes, as a rule, the interviews are voice-recorded, but solely to enable a check of the interviewer's work and correct data entry. The respondent is made aware of the recording and in case of refusal the voice recording is deleted.

Why can't I call you back? I always get in the voice mail.

Yes, that's right. Our call centres are only meant for out-bound calls. It is not possible for our interviewers to receive any calls. You can leave a message in our voice mail and if you wish, our manager will get in touch with you. Or you can give us a call on our standard number.