Our activities are mainly focused on market research, customer satisfaction surveys and public polls. Data are collected through telephone interviews, mailing surveys, e-surveys through a web browser or by means of text messages (SMS).

Customer satisfaction

Most often this kind of surveys are requested by car manufacturers, insurance companies, banks, service providers like, e.g. cable TV and others. The level of customer satisfaction can be measured by various methods whereas the most effective are telephone surveys and e-surveys. The results of such surveys are processed and analysed very quickly and the client receives the report in a few of days in the agreed form. 

Market research

Commercial surveys are carried out in a wide range of areas. Our projects mostly concern agriculture, fertilizers, logistics, retail, pharma, medicine, household appliances, banking and other areas. Surveys are organized not only among consumers (so-called b2c), but also among businesses (so-called b2b).

Opinion polls

Nation-wide or regional surveys on a particular topic may be sponsored by media, political parties, public or international organizations etc. Such surveys are carried out on a random sample of respondents (by calls on mobile phones or by e-mail invitations to e-surveys).